Root canal treatment of molars

Root canal treatment of molars

Are you suffering from excruciating tooth pain and have been advised by your dentist or endodontist that a root canal treatment may be necessary? Rest assured that you are not alone, as over 15 million teeth are successfully treated and saved each year with endodontic procedures. Root canal treatment is a highly effective method for salvaging severely decayed, infected, or damaged teeth, and can provide relief from unbearable tooth pain while preserving your natural smile.

What is a root canal treatment?

A root canal treatment, also known as endodontic treatment, is an essential dental procedure that repairs the damaged inside of a tooth. It is a highly effective method for salvaging teeth that have been severely decayed, infected or damaged due to trauma. The treatment involves the skilled removal of the dental pulp, a delicate and complex network of connective tissue, nerves, and blood supply that extends into the roots of the tooth. By eliminating the infected or damaged pulp, the tooth is saved from further deterioration and future pain.


Điều trị tủy răng là gì?

During the procedure, a small hole is drilled into the affected tooth to gain access to the pulp. The pulp is then carefully removed and the space is filled and sealed to prevent further infection. By undergoing a root canal treatment, patients can avoid the need for more invasive and costly dental procedures such as extraction or dental implants. With the right care and maintenance, the restored tooth can last a lifetime, providing patients with a healthy, functional and aesthetically pleasing smile.

If deemed necessary, your dentist or a specialist endodontist can replace the crown, the surface of the tooth used for chewing. Additionally, both your regular dentist or a specialist endodontist can perform root canal therapy to restore the health of the tooth.

In what situations would one require a root canal treatment? 

A root canal treatment is necessary to save a tooth that has been badly infected or damaged due to decay, repeated dental work, wear and tear, gum disease, cracked fillings, or an injury to the tooth.

When the dental pulp becomes damaged, bacteria start to multiply inside the tooth, which can cause an infection or abscess to form at the end of the tooth's root. It is crucial to save your natural tooth if possible, as it provides better functionality for biting and chewing compared to an artificial tooth. Losing a tooth can result in additional oral health problems, and replacing it with an artificial one usually requires more complex dental procedures. Root canal treatment is often the most effective way to save a damaged tooth.


Những trường hợp nào nên chữa tủy răng cối lớn?

What signs indicate the need for a root canal treatment?

Don't be fooled by the absence of symptoms, as a tooth may still require root canal treatment. However, it is more common for symptoms to manifest, including:

  • Severe toothache when biting or chewing
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold that persists even after removal of the source
  • Darkening of the tooth
  • Swollen and tender gums
  • Presence of pus around the infected tooth
  • Swelling of the face or neck
  • A loose tooth

Acting promptly upon noticing any of these symptoms can help you save your natural tooth and avoid the need for more complex dental procedures in the future.

Get a better understanding of what happens during a root canal treatment at Champion Dental Clinic

The process starts with the dentist taking an x-ray of the tooth to evaluate the root canals' shape and check for any potential infection in the surrounding bone.

Next, a protective sheet of rubber called a rubber dam is placed over the tooth to prevent contamination. Don't worry, you'll still be able to breathe comfortably throughout the procedure.

With the help of modern dental technology and techniques, root canal treatment is now a comfortable and effective way to save a damaged or infected tooth.

The dentist will make sure you are comfortable by using a local anaesthetic to numb the area around the tooth. Then, they will drill a hole in the tooth to remove the pulp, which can be in between 1 and 4 canals depending on the tooth. All canals will be thoroughly cleaned, shaped, and disinfected.

The process of cleaning and shaping the hole inside the tooth may take several appointments. During the interim, the dentist will seal the tooth with a temporary filling and may place a metal band around the tooth for added protection. Finally, the canal space will be filled with gutta percha and a small support may be inserted into the root canals to strengthen the tooth. If necessary, an artificial crown will be placed on top of the tooth to protect it.

Rest assured, you'll be in good hands throughout the entire root canal treatment process.


Chữa tủy răng hàm bao nhiêu tiền?

How much does root canal treatment cost at  Champion Dental Clinic?

Don't delay if you are experiencing signs of pulpitis. It is important to seek treatment from a reputable dental center as soon as possible to prevent the condition from spreading to neighboring roots. At Champion Dental Clinic, we offer definitive treatment options that can effectively address your concerns.

We understand that the cost of root canal treatment is a concern for many patients. However, the cost varies depending on the position of the affected tooth in the jaw. For molars, our root canal treatment costs 3,500,000 VND per tooth. This is a reasonable price for high-quality services that we provide. Don't let cost hold you back from getting the treatment you need to save your tooth and restore your smile. 


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Hope that the information we have shared regarding the root canal treatment of molars has been helpful to you. It is important to always choose reputable dental facilities to ensure the most secure and successful results. If you are in need of dental treatment, please do not hesitate to contact us at the address below. Our team is dedicated to providing you with enthusiastic and professional advice and treatment.

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